About DKPR e-learn

As an E-Learning company trying to make it in the entrepreneurial world, we are going to tell you all sorts of things to make you use our product and services. Granted that we are not deceiving you at any point, or trying to pull off a grand scam but it’s still difficult to believe in what we tell you, without having a modicum of skepticism.

Understanding this very sentiment, we decided to ask our users what they liked the most about DKPR and what worked best for them, and, well let’s just let their words do the talking!
Mind you, these are exactly what our customers wrote, no dilution from our side whatsoever.

1. At Drishtikone Consulting we had been facing a lot of problems in having sessions without any technical glitches We tried various platforms but it wasn’t working out really well for us
We have recently taken up the Virtual classrooms in Comunica by DKPR e-learn and are glad to say that we are happy with the service. The team of DKPR is very helpful and guided us for a smooth transition to this mode of blending learning. Now we can have elearning modules, offline content (ppt, videos), live classes, mentoring sessions, all at one place.

2. In this world of digital era finding a trusted IT partner is one of the most important things for any Organization. At aurora rating agency limited
We had been using the Services of DKPR Learning for the videos, content development & to have our Rating System platform in place
The team at DKPR had been resourceful for us and we are happy to recommend them as our Trusted IT partner

3. Being one of the most trusted banks in India we had always made sure that we provide the best experience and service to all our stakeholders and our banking Family (employee’s)
As a part of that endeavour we were looking to go digital in classroom training Feedback system and developing new learning modules. And that’s when we approached DKPR and they provided us the much needed digital transformation solution for our employee training by automating our feedback system and providing more than 50 elearning modules in hindi and english

Each one of those reviews are from people that have tried out our services and products for the first time, and you can see what their reactions have been like.

Let me put it this way,
Comunica is not just another e-learning platform. It is a one stop solution specially designed for suit all corporate communication , training needs and social engagement of employees
Be it Virtual classroom , discussion forum , one on one feedback . The comunica covers it all

At DKPR E-learn we go to an extent of providing personalised services to our clients for there seamless transition

Granted, It might not be perfect for all your needs , I would be lying through my teeth if I said it is; but it’s damn well on its way to be ; that’s why we do provide an extensive session with our clients to understand their needs and customise the services to fulfil their requirements. We might be small right now, but DKPR is attempting to make a huge impact in the way people perceive online learning

Growing up in a society that validates external dictation to your life , a society where Degrees are considered as an symbol of knowledge ; DKPR is trying to be a glimmer of hope that aims to create modern day training programmes for the professionals of tomorrow

Visit us at Dkprelearn.in
Contact is at Parul@Dkprelearn.in